Welcome to Skyvell Jewelry Foundation for the Lapidary Arts, Inc. where we teach  skills to communities while keeping the art of Lapidary, Silversmithing and Jewelry Design alive and well and for future generations to come. 

You may ask: "What is the art of Lapidary?" It is the art of cutting stones, semi-precious and precious gemstones. Sound exciting? IT IS!! ...Just ask anyone who has been one of our students. We have taughter over 350 students already who are proud to say they have learned the basics and more about this highly coveted art form.

We realize that Lapidary is not a well known and understood artform but that doesn't make it insignificant at all. Just think about this for a moment. How would you go to any jewelry store and purchase an heirloom piece of quality jewelry or have a handcrafted piece of jewelry designed for someone special if no one knew how to cut a gemstone? 

Most jewelers do not have this skill, they mostly resell precut stones and settings. We want to keep the art of Lapidary (gemstone cutting alive) alive and to pass on our knowledge for generations to come and keep this highly coveted, yet rarely taught artform alive and growing for those who have the desire, aptitude and attitude it takes to be a Lapidarist, Silversmith and Jewelry Designer. Through the support of our programs we have

discoverd that  it is possible and it works beautifully!!

Since, many people do not understand the art of Lapidary, they do not often donate to our mission and we'd like you to help us change that by takiing our workshops and supporting our programs that we create for the communities we serve.

We have been an established non profit organiztion for almost 5 yrs. and we have found creative ways to support most of the financial needs of our foundation through our own personal skills and creative ideas to help our students find the artistic talents in themselves while genuinely helping the communities we work with.

We also understand that not everyone has the desire, the aptitude of the attitude to become a jewelry and we still have a mission to accomplish so we have created programs that help to support our mission in other ways while teaching skills to many in our communities; especially youth who enjoy learning woodworking crafts and the art of Gluten Free baking. 

Since we believe and teach self-sufficiency to all of our students we have discovered that this is the best way to support our own mission and to help our communities and many of our youth to learn valuable life skills at the same time.

We know that donations may not come it unless we make the effort ourselves to support what we are trying to accomplish. That said we want to teach some skills that we feel may be valuable to know whether it is your goal to become a professional jeweler or learn to work with wood and learn to make everything from pallets to learning the art of woodworking and even creating elaborate stone inlays into a beautiful hand crafted piece of furniture or become a Gluten Free cullinary artist and express yourself with food that is not only delicious but is designed to create truly nutritious products for the community and their families to enjoy.

All of these skills and more await at Skyvell Jewelry Foundation for the Lapidary Arts, Inc. 

Where our motto is "From the Mine to Body, What Do You Want to Learn?

At Skyvell Jewelry Foundation we will share our skills, talents and crafts so out students will become more fulfilled, creative and self-sufficient and our  communities will benefit in the end.

Come and find out what we have to offer Your Life!!