Please donate now to help us offer these sustainable skills for life and change as many lives as we can with your donations. Our Disadvantaged/Disabled Youth and Veterans  (*who have the complete control and use of their hands and can sit upright, can learn these skills. We don't give them student debt.  They need sustainable skills for life and ....
SkyVell Jewelry Foundation for the Lapidary Arts, Inc. will give them Just What They Need
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9 1/2 year old Autumn learning to cut
her first semiprecious gemstone!
She will have this skill for the
rest of her life!!...This is the beginning
of a real jewelry designer

      Autumn 12 yr. old


11 yr. old Autumn's Hallmarked Labradorite Free-form Cabochon

13 Yr. old Autumn wearing her
own sterling silver and Lapis One of a Kind Earrings she designed!
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Youth Learning Lapidary