At Skyvell Jewelry Foundation we will share our skills, talents and crafts so out students will become more fulfilled, creative and self-sufficient and our  communities will benefit in the end.

Come and find out what we have to offer Your Life!!

Art is the use of technical skill to communicate a thought, or to create a thing or a concept they wish to convey that is visual or tangible. Our students are taught to think like artists in all they create which will help them in many walks of life. They will learn to follow instructions, how to sequence and prioritize concepts and actions and how to work well with others both inside the classrooms, workshops and in their communities. 

We Invite your to Skyvell Hall to Learn the arts of:

Lapaidary (the art of cutting both semi-precious and precious stones) 

"From the Mine to the Body, what do you want to learn?"

Learn to Identify stones like a GIA, where to locate minerals, how to cut stones and work silver and how to design jewelry like a professional jewelry designer

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Learn to become a  Gluten Free Baker and Chef using Scientific knowledge

of the Chemistry of Baking, learn to create unique yet familar baked goods and dishes.

Learn to how to use flavor, texture, and visual appeal to your creative foods with a

defined commitment to healthful baking and cooking techniques and recipes.

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Students will learn the art of woodworking from a craftsman who will teach everything from the basics in woodworking and proper use of tools to the artist forms of inlay and how wood and metal work can do hand in hand. Students will be amazed at the techniques they will learn to apply and the creative designs they will complete. We want each of them to become artists and skilled craftsman.